Micheal Hengler Portrait

Michael Hengler


Michael Hengler found his first glass studio in the year 2000, while attending the University of Kansas, where he was working on completing a double major in Italian Literature and Fine Arts.  Although this institution did not have a Glass Program, he managed to work towards his self-declared art degree by collaborating with private studios.

A scholarship to an art school inNorth Carolina linked him up with the great Italian glass Master Cesare Toffolo which began his adventures into the European lineage of glass.  Michael moved to Europe in 2003, where he worked with Glass Masters in Italy, the Czech Republic, and Malta.

Hengler then moved to Boston, MA after living in Europe, where he continued to work glass.  His constant need to discover new ways of working with this medium kept Michael moving across the United States, until he found Eugene, OR in 2005.  He lived, worked, and taught there until 2010 where he completed a one year Artist-in-Residence at the Eugene Glass School.

He subsequently moved to Hawaii where he received his Master’s of Fine Arts degree at the University of Hawaii.  In between working on his degree, during the summer of 2011, he was awarded a two month Artist-in-Residence at the Gaffer Glass factory in Auckland, New Zealand that culminated in a solo show at Masterworks Gallery in Auckland.  In 2013 he was awarded the Wheaton Fellowship in Millville, NJ.  While on the east coast Hengler also completed a month long internship at Princeton University, as well as an internship with internationally recognized artist Paul Stankard.  He is currently teaching at the University of Montana Western in Dillon, Montana.